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The Vermont Diesel Emissions Reduction Financial Assistance Program provides financial incentives for projects that reduce emissions from diesel powered vehicles. VFDA has confirmed that funding is once again available to replace an old diesel-powered heavy-duty vehicle with a newer diesel truck.

When the grant application is available, we will post it here.

Several Vermont businesses have received financial assistance from this program.  In 2020, a local heating fuel business received $32,000 to replace a 2007 International delivery truck with a 2020 Freightliner, resulting in diesel emission reductions of 93% annually. In 2019, one fuel company received $33,000 to replace a 2006 International and another got¬†$23,000 to replace a 2003 International. A local trucking company also received $108,000 to replace a 2004 Class 8b truck and a 2006 Class 8b truck with two 2021 Peterbilt Class 8b trucks, resulting in diesel emission reductions of 91% annually.