The Vermont Fuel Tank Rebate is closed.

Since 2018, VFDA and NORA have distributed more than $200,000 in tank rebates directly to Vermont oilheat consumers.

Will the rebate be back in 2020?

Check back here in February.

Heating oil dealers are prohibited from filling a tank

if it fails to meet the following five minimum standards:

1) The tank must be on a stable foundation.

2) It must have a working vent alarm (whistle).

3) Both the fill pipe and the vent pipe must have a minimum diameter of 1-1/4 inch.

4) If below grade or buried in concrete, the fuel line between the tank and the burner must be either plastic coated copper or sleeved.

5) A fuel oil tank can not have leaks, drips, pitting, rust, dents, cracks or corrosion.

Make sure your tank is OK to fill.  Contact your heating fuel provider to schedule a tank inspection. Click here to find a service provider in your area.

If you live in Vermont and need to replace your fuel oil tank, there may be help available.

Click here to find out about tank rebates, grants and loans.