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Tractor trailer trucks are banned from traveling on Route 108 between Stowe and Cambridge because they often get stuck on the narrow road through Smuggler's Notch. While there are several signs warning truck driver's to stay way, some blindly follow a GPS voice that claims you can get there from here.

A smart Fuel Line reader asked this question:

Why not just put up a height clearance curtain so drivers who don’t read the sign get the message?

According to the Director of Enforcement and Safety at the DMV, all are under consideration. They have discussed a "myriad of possible devices"  as part of a warning system, including additional devices that could be configured as a type of obstacle turning section with size warnings that would replicate the type of turn that would be encountered in the notch, demonstrating to the driver’s that their rigs physically can’t make it.   

Getting stuck closes this important road for Vermont’s tourism economy.  It is also a costly mistake for the trucker. Drivers are issued 4 points on their license and more than $3500 in fines. The towing bill can cost up to $10,000.