Questions about the new

Vermont Distributor Fuel Tax Return?

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Compliance Bulletin on the new way to pay.

The Vermont Motor Fuel Transportation Infrastructure Assessment (MFTIA) is based on 2% of the state average retail price of gasoline, adjusted quarterly, exclusive of federal and state taxes. Click here to review prior MFTIA fees. 

The Vermont Motor Fuel Tax Assessment (MFTA) is based on 4% of the state average retail price of gasoline, adjusted quarterly (exclusive of federal and state taxes). No matter what the average retail price, the law states that MFTA fee must be at least $0.134 per gallon but no higher than $0.18 per gallon. Click here to review prior MFTA fees.

The Vermont Petroleum Distributors Licensing Fee (PDLF) is paid on all gallons of gasoline and diesel fuel sold in Vermont. Revenue from the PDLF goes to the Petroleum Cleanup Fund (PCF), which helps pay for pollution remediation and pro-active measures to reduce the occurrence of fuel spills.

The Federal Oil Spill Liability Tax (OSLT) of 9-cents per barrel  is paid by refiners and producers. While the OSLT is typically embedded in the wholesale rack price, some suppliers break out the tax as a separate line item on invoices.