Vermont's Comprehensive Energy Plan

The Vermont Public Service Department has released the first draft of the 2022 Vermont Comprehensive Energy Plan (CEP). This is a different document than what the Climate Council is working on, but it does have similar policies and is critical to charting Vermont’s energy future. Since 2011, Vermont’s CEP has sought to “virtually eliminate” petroleum in favor of electric heat and electric cars. The latest version (found here) has the same goal but it also recognizes that renewable liquid fuels, such as biodiesel, are critical to reducing carbon emissions.

This draft version of the CEP “expands the target of increasing renewable thermal and process supply to 30% by 2025, increasing to 45% by 2032 and 70% by 2042.” The CEP also hopes to “achieve net-zero ready construction for all newly constructed buildings by 2030 through building energy standards.” It suggests the legislature consider a “clean heat standard” and take an “All of the Above” approach to “equitably meet Vermont’s energy service needs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.” The CEP also sets a goal in the electric sector to be fully decarbonized and at least 75% renewable by 2032.

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