List of Legislation of Interest

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H157 would require all construction contractors, including heating service companies, to register with the state of Vermont. Businesses would pay $250 per year, individuals would pay $75.

S56 would make it clear that the sale tax is not applied to purchases of wood pellets for residential use.

H94 will require businesses that have 50 or more employees to install EV chargers and come up with a Transportation Demand Management plan in order to reduce vehicle miles travelled. All new school buses and municipal buses purchased in Vermont must be electric and all new buildings must be outfitted with EV chargers. More money will be set aside for incentives for Vermonters to purchase electric vehicles. And all public transportation will be free. The cost of this proposal is approximately $10 million per year, which the sponsors say should come from the Transportation fund. List of H94 Sponsors

Can’t Drive (more than) 55—  H8  would set the maximum speed limit on Vermont highways at 55 miles per hour.

H39 An Act Related to Conflicts of Interest on the Climate Council

If passed, members of the Vermont Climate Council can not participate in matters in which they have a conflict of interest or appearance of a conflict of interest.


Vermont PCF Report 2021

List of all motor and heating fuel site expenditures as of 1/2021

Green Mountain Power 2021 Tier 3 Report


House Members Elected November 2020

Senate Members Elected November 2020