List of Legislation of Interest

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Bills introduced in 2021

House Members Elected November 2020

Senate Members Elected November 2020


Bills introduced in 2020

H.570 An act relating to an online database, buildings, and compliance with energy standards

H.574 An act relating to wrecker exemption from gross weight limits on highways

H.604 An act relating to supporting Vermont renewable energy companies and local generation through an expansion of incentives

H.606 An act relating to regulating storage units

Bills introduced in 2019

H.534  Contractor licensing and requring "building science knowledge" for heating contractors and plumbers

S150 Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Ban

DPS Testimony on Renewable Energy Standard

S.18 as passed by Senate

H.415  An act relating to consumer protection and prohibiting special heating fuel charges

H.369  Another bill that would double the Fuel Tax from 2 to 4 cents a gallon

H.384  An act relating to increasing the gasoline and diesel fee by 4-cents a gallon

H.400  An act relating to a point-of-sale electric vehicle incentive and incremental revenue

H.339 Ban Incentives for efficient oil and gas heating systems

H.369 An act relating to the Low Income Weatherization Assistance Program

H.352  An act relating to the Vermont Carbon-Free Investment Program

H337 Prevents utilities from claiming fossil fuel reductions when replacing with nuclear energy

H.327  An act relating to automatic renewal contract provisions

H.214 An act relating to certificates of public good for natural gas facilities

S.102  An act relating to the evaluation of the carbon impact on business tax credits in Vermont

H.1 Revised - Ban on Non-Compete Contracts

H.243 Energy Efficiency Fossil Fuel Tax

Miscellaneous Tax Bill

H277 A 5-cent gas tax to pay for electric cars

H.191 An act relating to the  Public Utility Commission and Department of Public Service’s lack of jurisdiction over electric vehicle charging stations

H.91   An act relating to a cap and trade program for greenhouse gas emissions caused by transportation, heating, and other energy use

S.75  An Act Relate to Cap and Trade for Heating and Transportation

H.51 An act relating to fossil fuel infrastructure

S.66  An act relating to fossil fuel infrastructure     

H.175  An act relating to prohibiting utilities from using eminent domain for fossil fuel infrastructure

H.166 An act relating to enforcement of overweight motor vehicle laws

H.107       An act relating to paid family leave     

S.84     An act relating to emissions inspections

H.200  An act relating to drug testing of employees

H.165 Increasing penalities for distracted driving

H.123   An act relating to consumer protections related to the sale of a vehicle subject to an inspection requirement

S.70  Ban on disposing hydraulic fracturing wastewater in Vermont

H.136  An act relating to a surcharge on income taxes

S.71 Removing the sales tax exemption on candy

H.399   An act relating to Act 250 reform

H.11 An act relating to penalties for violations of alcoholic beverage and tobacco laws and to solicitor’s license

Vermont PUC on Electric Vehicle Charging Stations


Town Gas Tax Hike Request letter

New Hampshire Carbon Tax Legislation

Vermont Petroleum Cleanup Fund Report.

Vermont EVSE Locations Map Draft

Fees for Use of Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations Language

Two Weeks of Oil