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Tank Regulations Update

Vermont's AST rules prevent fuel oil dealers from filling an uninspected tank. At the request of the Vermont Fuel Dealers Association, the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has agreed to provide limited relief for fuel dealers that fill an uninspected tank. Vermont's AST Regulations can be found here.

Answers to Common Questions

What about tanks that are already red tagged?

If you have a customer on the red tag list (click here to link to the list), the regulation says you can not deliver from a truck. The tank CAN be filled by hand from a cannister. A fuel company can also get permission to fill a red tagged tank on a case-by-case basis as long as filling the tank does not pose an imminent threat of a spill.

How do you get permission to fill a red tagged tank?

Call or email  the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation.

Phone:  (802) 522-0275‬   Email:  ANR.RedTaggedTanks@vermont.gov

Let the team at the DEC know that there is a plan in place to bring the tank into compliance and a small amount of fuel is being delivered to ensure the house stays warm in between now and when the tank can be fixed. The emailed response approving the delivery will provide some assurance that you will not be fined for delivering to a red tagged tank.

Do  outdoor tanks still need to be inspected?

YES. All outdoor tanks must still be inspected and meet all five minimum safety requirements.

Am I still required to inspect a tank for new customers?

Yes. The enforcement discreation is for routine inspections of existing customers.

Can I conduct a “virtual” tank inspection?

Yes. The DEC will accept “virtual” tank inspections in which the customer provides pictures or video of their tank. Depending upon the technology, this could be with a live video application or digital pictures that give the inspector a clear and definitive look at the features that need to be inspected. If a virtual inspection is conducted, the inspectors should note on the inspection checklist how the inspection was done and who provided the media.

How do I let my customers know that they need to get their tank inspected?

Click here to download a template with sample language you can copy. Click here to order low-cost and no-cost consumer education and compliance materials.

Are copper fill and vent pipes OK?

While copper fill and vent pipes are not allowed on new installations, they are OK on existing tanks as long as they are both at least 1-1/4 inch.

What if the tank is not on a concrete pad?

All new tanks must have a solid concrete foundation, but existing tanks just need to be “stable” to pass inspection. This changes in 2030 when all fuel oil tanks must be on a solid foundation.

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Updated February 2024   Not on the list?   Contact VFDA.  

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Click here to order low-cost and no-cost consumer education and compliance materials.