Vermont Tank Replacement Program

The Petroleum Cleanup Fund (PCF) offers grants to residential tank owners towards the removal, replacement, or upgrade of both underground storage tanks (USTs) and aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) used to heat a residence located in Vermont. A Vermont home owner can apply for a grant of up to $2,000 from the State of Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). These grants are awarded based on income. If the applicant makes over $75,000 they are not eligible. In addition to the application form applicants must provide: proof of home ownership (a property tax bill or deed), and full household income. Income should be demonstrated via a Federal Income tax filing (1040, EZ, A) where possible, SSI statements or other forms of proof are acceptable when Federal Income tax forms are not filed.

State grants can only be used when someone is replacing

a tank. It is not applicable for someone who converts

to gas and wants their old tank removed.

Click here for information on how to access loans for

underground storage tank removals.

Homeowners must apply for a grant.

Applications can be obtained by either by contacting 802-522-0239

or online at

An installation checklist must be filled out following installation and is  required for payment/reimbursement. It can also be found online at

Petroleum releases discovered during tank closure, removal, or upgrade MUST BE REPORTED to the DEC, Waste Management Division at 802-828-1138. Contaminated soil or groundwater constitutes evidence of a release. Petroleum odors in the soil, petroleum sheen on groundwater, or visible oil are examples of contamination. If there is no private insurance coverage for the costs of cleanup, the PCF may cover eligible cleanup and investigation costs EXCEPT for  a deductible of $250 for home heating oil tanks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the application need to be filed/approved before the work is done?

No, you may apply to be reimbursed after the work has been completed. If your application is approved you will be reimbursed. The work must have been completed within the previous 6 months.

I have a tank in my basement is that an underground tank?

No it is not. If it’s standing your basement it is considered an aboveground storage tank or AST

I have a tank buried in my yard is there any special sampling required of the soil or groundwater?

Yes, the UST removals participating or hope to participate in the grant must have an environmental site assessment. The site assessment must be conducted at the same time as the removal by a qualified consultant (contact DEC at 802-522-0487 or online at:

We own a second home in VT and would like to replace the tank, can we apply for a grant? Regardless if the tank you want to remove is underground or aboveground, you can apply but your application will not be high priority. The application will be held until the end of the Fiscal Year (June) and if there is money or if a grant becomes available then the state will review all grants that are being held to fill grant slots. 

I stopped using my UST some years ago and have been using an AST do I still need to have a certified heating technician check out the AST?

Yes, in order to receive a grant there is a check list that gets completed. A certified plumber completes the checklist. 

I have had the work done, now what do I do to get my money

If you have been awarded a grant, please use the list below to assist you in submitting the required paperwork after the work has been done:

  1. Copies of the invoices for the work (NO PROPOSALS, QUOTES, ESTIMATES will be accepted)

  2. Copies of cancelled checks or credit card statement (No business checks or business credit cards) 

  3. Environmental assessment report (this is for UST removals only, does not apply to AST grant applicants)

  4. AST installation checklist for any aboveground tank has been installed as a replacement heat source for the  residence or existing tank installed at an earlier time, regardless of age.

How long will it be before I see a check?

Expect between 6-8 weeks

If you are removing/replacing an AST (including basement tanks) please contact Maria Stadlmayer at 802-522-0239 or

If you are removing/replacing an UST please contact Susan Thayer at 802-522-0487 or