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Congressman Peter Welch Helps Split the Ticket; Delivers Free Heating Oil to a Neighbor in Need

Rep. Welch highlights VFDA’s Split the Ticket program by delivering gift of warmth to Hinesburg family.

When heating fuel is delivered, a “delivery ticket” is the invoice left at the home. This innovative program started by the Vermont Fuel Dealers Association provides free heating fuel by splitting the delivery ticket in two: half is paid by the fuel company and half is paid by the Split the Ticket Fund, which is a non-profit 501c3. All financial contributions are matched by donations of fuel, equipment, and service—none are used to administer the program. Over the past decade, Split the Ticket has delivered nearly 75,000 gallons of heating fuel.

Vermont’s heating fuel and heating service providers are mostly small, family-owned businesses. They are often the first to hear about and respond to a heating emergency. This program gives fuel dealers, as well as local businesses, organizations and individuals, the opportunity to provide a gift of warmth to someone in their community.

Thanks to everyone that contributes to the Split the Ticket program and for the little acts of kindness that can make a big difference in our communities. 

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